Updates for June & July 2000

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Happy 2nd Birthday to Neal Jennings' Website on July 28th!!!!!! :)



JUNE is busting out all o-over!!!!!! :) Just felt like singing! :) Anyways I just put up a new website of the week today, Apologies again for the lack of updates; hopefully by the end of August it will all be up-to-date again!!! Page landmark: Push A Little Harder Actors Poll @ 1000 votes.


:) :) :) :) LOOK!!!! IT'S AN UPDATE!!!!!!!! It's NOT a Saturday, and it's MORE than just ONE page!!!!!! :) OKAY!!!!!! Today!!!! Today I updated the Alanis news, I updated the BSB news, I updated the All Saints news and added a ton of links to that page, and I updated the credits! :) WOO-HOO!!!!!


Wow..... somehow I must've been busy and totally forgotten to put up a website of the week last week!!! Sorry!!!! I promise.... eventually, I will update more often!!! Okay anyhoo, I DID put up a website of the week TODAY, so there you go :)


Happy Tuesday :) *LOL* Anyways today I updated the All Saints links. Look forward to a FEW updates before next week (I hope!)...



Apologies for the lack of updates as I was on vacation. In the news, this site turns TWO years old on July 28th! :) :) :) Although updates have dwindled recently, I promise I will do my best to keep the site up to date, really I will! :) Today I put up a new website of the week, look for some more updates in the weeks to come! :)


See??? I told you I'd update more! Anyways today I put up all the Teen Choice AND Emmy Award Nominations, I updated a little bit on Push A Little Harder, and I updated the FAQ! Not-so-recent page landmark: Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 26000, 27000, 28000, 29000, 30000, and 31000


Today! :) I updated the Alanis, BSB, and All Saints Discography. I also put up episode summaries for episodes 4-7 on Push A Little Harder, and I am opening the site for Fan-Fic, if interest is shown. Page landmarks (this should be totally up-to-date now!): Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 32000, 33000, 34000, and 35000, Push A Little Harder @ 13000, Push Multimedia Gallery @ 17000 and 18000, Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 67000, 68000, 69000, 70000, and 71000, DC Character page @ 11000, 12000, and 13000, Laurie Fortier Picture Gallery @ 3000, and Dawson's Creek @ 7000, 8000, and 9000


Today I put the Emmy Awards date on the Friends and X-Files pages, updated the Alanis news, put up a MIDI of No Pressure Over Cappuccino by her, fixed a spelling mistake on Flying Into the Millennium (I can't believe I forgot the I), and put up the August updates page (which led to site map and fonts page updates). Page Landmark: Eddie Mills/Sabrina Movie article @ 1000.


Well it's my site's birthday! :) :) YAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my site :) Anyways today I put a counter up on the August updates and I corrected ALL the lyrics on Now Is The Time on Thank U Alanis Morissette. They are all complete now, no longer just the lyrics outline sketch. Enjoy some cyber-cake for me :)


Today I put up a new website of the week. That's it! :)


Today I made a number of updates. I made a few corrections to the BSB Millennium lyrics, put up the lyrics to I'll never Find Someone Like You (thanx 2 Michelle Bondy), put up a few pictures of Alanis on Thank U Alanis Morissette (from Maclean's Magazine), and put up a few BSB album covers on Flying... That's it! :)


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